Why you should never let your FOB mother talk to the cable people

Nick, Espn, Cartoon Network, MTV, most would agree that these are fairly basic channels.

well my house just went from having 2 or more of each of these channels and their fancier cousins to having only HBO. (mother of …OTL! ). she got the french package?

the freakin french package

no. one. absolutely. no. one. speaks. mother. friggen. french. we. all. took. spanish. in. high. school. mom. how. just. how?

you should have seen how proud she was was she told everyone we now have the african channel. everyone in the room under the age of 40 almost jump kicked her where she was standing. 

…..think happy thoughts, bjorn. keep breathing…..

the customer service is probably 24 hours service, but ive sunken into a dibilitating depression/muderous rage. talking to automative and fobby customer representatives might spell disaster for all of mankind at this moment. 

will correct this malarkey in the morning. 

  • Jun 27
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